White-Wilson Medical Center

White-Wilson's 24/7 Connect program offers Medicare and Medicare Advantage members greater access to their primary care team. This personalized attention provides you with easy access to your White-Wilson doctor anytime day or night.

You have a Connect Coordinator at your side.

Our Connect Coordinators will routinely check in and relay important information to your doctor, so you will get the most out of each visit. They are ready around-the-clock to help manage chronic health conditions, answer questions about medications and monitor changes in your health and safety.

As an example, your insurance plan may have previously only required a copay; however, you may now be required to pay a higher deductible. As a result this may require that you, as the patient, pay higher out of pocket expenses.

Should there be a change in your health or you find yourself with questions or concerns, White-Wilson's team will ensure you get the information and level of care you need. By staying connected you can take control of your health and enjoy peace of mind.

  • 24/7 access to White-Wilson's trusted health care professionals
  • Easy appointment scheduling anytime
  • Convenient medication management and refill requests
  • No wait times or callbacks
  • Active management of chronic health conditions
  • Dedicated support and personalized health guidance
  • Routine calls and check-ins
  • Remote monitoring of changes in your health and safety
  • Coordination between your doctor, pharmacy and specialists

Already enrolled, contact your 24/7 Connect Coordinator now 850.863.1480

Enrollment in 24/7 Connect is a benefit fully or significantly covered by many health plans. Our 24/7 Connect Coordinators can discuss what, if any, out-of-pocket cost may apply. For more information, call 850.863.1480