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3D Mammograms Ft Walton Beach 3D Mammograms Ft Walton Beach

3D Mammography Available at White-Wilson Medical Center

In addition to higher quality (2D) mammograms, White-Wilson has a new mammography machine that offers 3D mammograms at the Center for Women's Imaging in Fort Walton Beach. During a 3D mammogram, X-rays are taken of the breast while moving through an arc, which produces thin slices, much like a CT scan, significantly improving what our physicians can detect in a mammogram.

Benefits of 3D mammography include:

  • Improves invasive cancer detection by 41%
  • More accurate than a conventional mammogram for both dense and non-dense breasts
  • Examines your breast tissue layer by layer for earlier detection
  • Reduces the chance of being called back for additional tests by 40%
  • No additional compression is required for a 3D reading, and it only takes a few extra seconds

Below is an example of a regular (2D) mammogram and a 3D mammogram of an apple. We all know what the inside of an apple looks like if you slice it in half. These images demonstrate the improved quality and visibility in the 3D images, greatly improving what can be detected from the mammogram.


Regular Mammogram of an Apple


3D Mammogram of an Apple


3D Mammogram Video of an Apple

Regular Mammograms Save Lives

Finding breast cancer early means a greater chance of survival and in many cases more and better treatment options. Mammograms are much more sensitive than physical examination at detecting these early cancers. White Wilson follows the guidelines of the American College of Radiology, and recommends that all women begin having a yearly mammogram at age 40.

Your Mammography Experience

On the day of your mammogram wear a two piece outfit, so that only clothing from the waist up needs to be removed. You will be given a disposable gown that opens in the front. Please do not use any lotions, powders, or deodorant around your chest or armpits. These may show up on the mammogram and cause problems with interpretation. Your technologist will position each breast in the machine and take at least two sets of images, top to bottom and side to side. It is necessary to compress the breast during the exposure to even out the thickness and prevent motion. You may experience some discomfort from the compression, so it is important to communicate this to your technologist, who will work with you to achieve the best quality image.


Getting Your Results

The radiologist will interpret your screening mammogram and send the report to your referring provider, usually within two days. Your provider should give you the report, but we also encourage you to take responsibility to make sure you receive it.

A screening mammogram may be reported as normal, but sometimes an area of interest is noted that requires further investigation, and your provider may order further tests such as a more detailed diagnostic mammogram or an ultrasound. This does not necessarily mean that you have an abnormality, only that additional information is needed to help clear up a questionable area. During this process you are encouraged to talk with and ask questions of the radiologist or your health care provider.

To schedule a Mammogram with White-Wilson, call 850.863.8110.

Fully Accredited By ACR

White-Wilson Medical Center is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology.